Top 3 Golf Reads // 6.24.2020


A little bit shocked to hear of Daniel Summerhays' retirement from the game. Summerhays' is just 36, and in 2016 he had two top-10 finishes in major championships. Just goes to show how fickle and challenging golf can be, especially at the highest level.


Bubba Watson: Some playing partners can be a ‘two-shot penalty’
Bubba Watson believes early-round groupings matter “tremendously” and can sometimes have an impact on his ultimate score.
‘People don’t think I can do it’: Meet the man about to play 20 rounds in a week
Sandburn Hall captain Eddie Thomas will tackle the 72-hole challenge for five straight days


Chantel McCabe

Chantel’s work experience spans across breaking local news to sports reporting and hosting. She has worked for the Major Lacrosse League, NHL Network, Fox Sports, NH1 and her current home at NBC and Golf Channel. You can follow her journey on Twitter, Instagram and her podcast Fore-1-1.

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