Top 3 Golf Reads // 7.10.2020


Bryson led the field last week in putting.  It goes to show that while bombs off the tee are beneficial, winning comes down to how well you putt on the PGA Tour.

Results from yesterday's "Would You Rather" game:

Have one chance at a 3 footer for $50,000 or 50 footer for $5,000,000
3 footer - 79%
50 footer - 21%

Play from a fairway bunker or normal length rough
Rough - 71%
Fairway Bunker - 29%

Attend Wednesday practice round at The Masters or Sunday Matches at the Ryder Cup
Sunday at the Ryder Cup - 62%
Wednesday at The Masters - 36%


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Myrtlewood Golf Club // Myrtle Beach, SC

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