Top 3 Golf Reads // 6.19.2020


Hope Patrick Reed was watching Adam Hadwin yesterday afternoon. Calling a penalty on himself when he could have easily pretended he had done nothing wrong—awesome integrity from the Canadian.

Answers from yesterday's "Would You Rather" game...

Walk back to the cart to get the "right" club or use what's in your hand?
Walk Back - 62%
Use What I Have - 39%

Match Play or Stroke Play?
Match Play - 58%
Stroke Play - 42%

Stop at the Halfway House or head straight to the 10th tee?
Straight to the 10th - 62%
Halfway House Stop - 38%


Tiger Woods-Designed Short Course At Pebble Beach To Include Replica Of Iconic Par-3 7th Hole
Tiger Woods and his design firm revealed plans for the re-imagined par-3 golf course at Pebble Beach Golf Links, unveiling a nine-hole short course anchored on “playability and creativity” with an average hole length of about 75 yards.
More Pre-Round Time For Betting Means More Action And Bigger Pots
Is your club losing out on bigger wagering pots because you don’t open up bets until a staff member or point person is physically in place to collect cash at the club or some other gathering location? If that is how things are run at your club, then unfortunately, chances are the answer is YES! … <…
Brooks Koepka sounds off on players being mic’ed up on TV: ‘Just shut up and listen’
Reigning PGA Championship winner Brooks Koepka is fast becoming a man of many opinions and he offered his two cents on the recent discussion of whether PGA Tour players should wear microphones duri…


Crow Creek Golf Club // Myrtle Beach, SC

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