Top 3 Golf Reads // 6.12.2020


As much as people like to make fun of Bryson DeChambeau's weird methods (myself included), you can't argue with his results. Bryson overpowered Colonial yesterday and he's easily the longest player now on tour.

Answers from yesterday's "Would You Rather" game...
Warm up on the range or at the bar?
Range - 85%
Bar - 15%

Face lightning fast greens or narrow fairways?
Fast Greens - 86%
Narrow Fairways - 14%

Ride by yourself or with a cart buddy?
Cart buddy - 53%
By Myself - 47%


Charles Schwab Challenge already most-bet PGA Tour event in DraftKings history
Golf fans are betting the Charles Schwab Challenge like it’s a major championship this week.
Clubs Without Courses: How Some Golf Clubs Thrive Without a Home Track | LINKS Magazine
Golf societies and course-less clubs are gaining popularity, where membership at multiple private clubs traditionally has been a symbol of status.
Bryson DeChambeau shocks golf fans with MONSTER physique
Golf fans couldn’t stop tweeting about Bryson DeChambeau after seeing how much size he has put on in the last three months.


Thistle Golf Club // Myrtle Beach, SC

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