Top 3 Golf Reads // 6.1.2020


The top 5 players in the world are teeing it up at the Colonial next week, turning what would otherwise be a middling field into one of the year's strongest (non-majors, WGC division).

It's a treat for fans of the game, but as the truncated schedule begins, it's worth monitoring how the opportunities for lower-ranked players will be impacted.


Cheaters on tour: ‘We know who they are’
From the archive (August 1996)
A Conversation with Mike “Fluff” Cowan | LINKS Magazine
He’s caddied for Tiger Woods and Peter Jacobsen, now works with Jim Furyk, and is more recognizable than many of today’s players. So what are his favorite memories, what was it like when he started, and how did he get that nickname? Q. What is your fondest memory of being on the bag for Tiger Woods …
What happened to Monday Night Golf?
I was wrong. The Match was fine for what it was. But citing inflated TV numbers as a sign that a new era in the sport is dawning? Well friends, we’ve been here before.


Match Play is a Head Game

A couple of weeks ago, my club’s head pro, Andy Fisher, sent out the brackets for the season-long, match-play events -- Four-Ball Match Play; Presidents' Cup; Willits Match Play; Senior 50-64; Senior 65-74, and Senior 75 and Older...


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