Top 3 Golf Reads // 5.19.2020


Solid golf viewing in on the horizon.  A 13-part mini-series called "At home with Tiger Woods" kicks off today.  Sunday we get 'The Match Pt. 2' followed by Golf Channel's "Tiger Slam" film.  And in three weeks the return of the PGA Tour.

ps - found another follow up piece from this past Sunday's skins game that I thought you might enjoy.


Anonymous caddie survey
Anonymous caddie survey
Pro Golf Stinks … Without Crowds
We had a return to Professional golf over the weekend. Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Matthew Wolff, and Rickie Fowler teed it up at the Taylormade Driving ...
Social-distancing guidelines have golfers craving push carts
If you’re in the market for a push cart, get in line. Due to social distancing mandates and new golf cart rules, trolleys have never been more popular in the U.S.


Who is the youngest winner in PGA Tour History?

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