Top 3 Golf Reads // 5.13.2020


Decided to crunch some numbers on the impact playing during the Tiger prime era had on Phil.

Surprisingly he has finished runner-up to Tiger just three times, which suggests that his records would likely not have altered too much if he had played in a different era.


The Company Card: company golf courses • Kingdom Magazine
It sounds too good to be true, but a century ago or more it was not uncommon for a company to build a golf course for its employees
61-year-old golfer wins event using a cheap putter for every shot
This will make you feel pretty bad about your expensive set of clubs.
Jordan Spieth had a hole-in-one. Should it count?
Jordan Spieth can’t be the only one this has happened to, and he likely won’t be the last, but he may be the most famous so far. Playing as a marker in the for-charity Maridoe Samaritan…


Meghan Tarmey

Meghan Tarmey graduated from Coastal Carolina University. While a junior in college, she launched her golf caddying and event staffing agency, The Caddy Group.  The agency is now 13 years strong, has expanded across the country and has even been featured on the hit ABC award-winning show Shark Tank.

Meghan has been an advocate for promoting golf to young women for over a decade. Her philosophy is to focus on beginners via free clinics and range sessions.

You can follow Meghan via her personal instagram, Caddy Girls Instagram and company website.

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