Top 3 Golf Reads // 5.11.2020


Say what you like about Vijay Singh as a person, but his achievements in the sport are undeniably underrated. A 9-win year in 2004 while Tiger was in his late 20's is an astonishing achievement.

Results from Friday's "Would you Rather"...

Play Bandon Dunes or Pinehurst
Bandon - 58%
Pinehurst - 42%

Go for it and make bogey or layup and make birdie
Layup - 72%
Go for it - 28%

Attend a Ryder Cup or the Masters
Masters - 81%
Ryder Cup - 19%


Least popular tour pro, or did we all get him wrong? - Golf Digest
From the archive (September 1984): The legendary pro-am story that haunted J.C. Snead
8 Weird Things Golfers Do - How many do you do?
8 Weird Things Golfers Do - Neil Tappin takes a look at the 8 weird things golfers do from putting gloves in back pockets to plumb-bobbing.
PGA Tour pro shoots a ridiculous 12-under for his final 11 holes
PGA Tour professional golfer Joel Dahmen exploded over his final 11 holes, shooting 12-under, on his way to a course record.


Under normal circumstances, this Fall would be the time Titleist/FootJoy parent Acushnet Company would unveil new drivers and a new line of Pro V1 balls. These times, however, are anything but normal, so much so that Acushnet Co., CEO David Maher said May 7 that some product launches scheduled for later this Fall – and perhaps even some scheduled for 2021 - could be pushed back because of the pandemic.

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