Top 3 Golf Reads // 4.27.2020


The Hound has only one request for next month's Tiger/Manning vs. Phil/Brady Match - no artificial trash-talking. Natural silence is better than contrived trash talk and faux bets. The four of those guys know how to entertain people, so let it occur organically.

ps - results from Friday's "Would you Rather" game...

Have a hole in one or hold the course record?

Course Record - 64%

Hole in One - 36%

Walk or Ride?

Walk - 56%

Ride - 44%

Watch Caddyshack or Tin Cup?
Caddyshack - 54%

Tin Cup - 46%


Rules of Disorder: 10 Moments That Shouldn’t Have Happened | LINKS Magazine
This April marks the 50th anniversary of a memorable Masters—but one that made its indelible mark in history for the wrong reasons. A Sunday in Augusta that should have been remembered for Roberto De Vicenzo holing out for an eagle on the first hole on the way to a 65, and for Bob Goalby shooting a …
The 444-yard hole-in-one - Golf Digest
From the archive (March 2001): The mystery behind the record ace and the man who made it
How to Play the Golf Game Named ‘Big Stick’
What is the “big stick” in golf? It’s the driver. So what is the golf game named Big Stick? It’s a game that requires you to hit dr…

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