Top 3 Golf Reads // 2.5.2020

Opening Shot

Plenty to digest from the USGA and R&A's Distance Report, but I would be surprised if any rollback were to effect equipment for recreational golfers. Whether you think distance is hurting the pro game or not, technology is crucial to the enjoyment of recreational golfers.

Also, why not experiment with harsher course conditions on the PGA Tour? Higher rough for starters will help stop the mindless bomb and gauge mentality currently thriving in the pro game.

Today's Top 3

USGA/R&A declares distance increases must stop in findings from Distance Insights Project - Golf Digest
The governing bodies did not specify what will come next, but argues that golf will be harmed if distances increases are allowed to continue
McIlroy on why he sacked his caddie: ‘I was very hard on him – really angry’ | National Club Golfer
Rory McIlroy has gone into fascinating detail about how his time with JP Fitzgerald came to a sudden end in 2017 after their four majors and nine years together
The Foundations of Effective Wedge Practice

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