Top 3 Golf Reads // 2.3.2020

Opening Shot

Have you ever heard the normally raucous Phoenix Open crowd as flat as it was when Webb Simpson snatched victory from fan-favorite Tony Finau? While Simpson's finish was clutch, Finau will be kicking himself for playing it safe on No. 17 instead of trying to drive the green, which could have resulted in a tournament-clinching birdie.

For Finau, who has 6 runner-up finishes and 28 top 10s since his last Tour victory, it's a decision that could sting for awhile.

Today's Top 3

Tour Confidential: Who is the most underrated player on the PGA Tour?
We discuss the most underrated players in golf, the ones most overdue for a win, Tiger Woods’ importance to a new golf league and more.
McDowell sees red over ‘yellow card’ for slow play
Graeme McDowell was furious after a mid-round TV chat led to a frustrating slow play “yellow card” in the Saudi International.
Colt Knost retires from professional golf after missing WMPO cut
Former U.S. Amateur champion Colt Knost is retiring from professional golf following a missed cut in Phoenix.

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