Top 3 Golf Reads // 2/22/2020


The one thing standing between Rory McIlroy and a potentially dominant run is the consistency to string together outstanding rounds. Friday's 69 at the WGC-Mexico Championship was a prime example. McIlroy's round was fine, but the Ulsterman is capable of so much more, and his tendency to follow stellar play with an indifferent round is troublesome, particularly as it relates to his ability resume winning majors.


Phil Mickelson is Not a Nice Guy — Lying Four
Phil Mickelson has spent most of the past decade as golf’s real-life version of the Million Dollar Man, all without any discernible cost to his standing among fans.
Column: Your ‘Golf Guy’ bids farewell from a sports beat like no other
Union-Tribune golf writer says goodbye after 20 years covering Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and San Diego’s vibrant golf community
Golf fan turns his BATHROOM into a shrine to the Masters -
A loo unlike any other...

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