Ten Most Clicked Reads of 2020

Over the past 12 months, the edit team at GolfHound has curated 663 articles across 221 issues.  In total, the newsletter received over one million reads.

We've crunched the numbers and present to you the TEN MOST CLICKED READS for 2020.

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Phil Mickelson is Not a Nice Guy — Lying Four
Phil Mickelson has spent most of the past decade as golf’s real-life version of the Million Dollar Man, all without any discernible cost to his standing among fans.


7 of the best golf jokes
Because we could all do with a laugh right now...


Joel Dahmen’s home club has an ingenious rule to speed up play
Pace of play is always a hot debate subject in golf, but Dahmen’s home club has a clever way of keeping groups moving.


ClubProGuy: Bryson DeChambeau Is A Great Champion, But Still A Turd
Congratulations to Bryson DeChambeau on winning the 120th U.S. Open. He’s a worthy champion and a popular one after his dominant win allowed most fans to change the channel early and follow their fantasy football team instead. On a personal note, Bryson followed up Saturday’s round by hitting balls …


Paige Spiranac: “Guys were using me for golf lessons”
Spiranac reveals the majority of her dates have only wanted to improve their golf games...


Politics in Sports: PGA vs. NBA
Professional sports are at a cultural crossroads. Specifically, a political one. The PGA is taking one path while most other sports try another.


Nicklaus’ Lynch mob — KaufmannMedia
Jack Nicklaus faces a Lynch mob over his endorsement of President Trump.


Paulina Gretzky Shows Off ‘Impressive’ Golf Swing


Use this simple formula to determine which tees you should play from
Selecting which tees to play from can be a dubious task, but use this easy formula for a starting point on where to peg it up.


The average driving distance for male amateur golfers in each handicap range
How far does the average male amateur golfer really hit the ball with their driver? It’s been a topic of hot debate for years, but thanks to statistician Lou Stagner of Decade Sports the question has been answered for 2020 at least. Using data taken directly from the USGA Distance Insight Report, St…

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