Golf Tweets Of The Week

Despite some of the big names taking the week off, golf social media was busy as always over the past week.

Here are some of the good, the bad and the ugly from the world of golf across social media from the last seven days in GolfHound's 'Tweets Of The Week'!

Playing It Cool

Jim Herman was a nervous wreck on Sunday after his round at the Wyndham Championship, so much so that the eventual champ forgot how to drink from a bottle of water.

The Dreaded Whiff

You just have to admire the brutal honesty of kids!

Creeping Up On That Putt

As for Billy Horschel, he may need to explain what on Earth he was doing here.

Kisner's Bizarre Putting Practice

While Billy's putting approach was odd, Kevin Kisner's putting practice routine is downright bizarre. It looks like the pros aren't the only one's who lose their minds on the greens!

The Second Coming?

Meanwhile, Tiger's son Charlie has now got EVERYONE's attention.

Tacko Fall's Golf Swing

7-foot 5-inch Celtics Center Tacko Fall showcased his driver off the deck skills as he hit the golf course this week.

Pepperell's Low Expectations

And Twitter savant Eddie Pepperell doesn't sound overly confident about his golf game as we advance in 2020!

Making The Weekend

While 35-year-old Will Wilcox event shocked himself by the sounds of it after making the cut at the Wyndham Championship.

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