It may have been a quiet week on the PGA Tour, but thanks chiefly to last Tuesday's Payne's Valley Cup, golf twitter remained as entertaining as always.

Here are some of the good, the bad and the ugly from the world of golf across social media from the last seven days in GolfHound's 'Tweets Of The Week'!

Rory's Domino's Pizza Admission

I get the feeling JT wanted to tell him how wrong he is but was too polite!

Rose's Shocker

No Justin, that was not a high cut.

'Sweet, good talk. Thanks!'

JT dealing with the embarrassment of being ignored beautifully.

Phil on Jeopardy

I'm guessing none of these contestants watch much golf.

Meanwhile at the Irish Open...

Well, that's an interesting way to enjoy some golf.

That Sinking Feeling

When you haven't made a cut since February...

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