Bryson DeChambeau proved the doubters wrong and dominated Winged Foot, and as you can imagine, golf social media was ablaze all week thanks to the U.S. Open!

Here are some of the good, the bad and the ugly from the world of golf across social media from the last seven days in GolfHound's 'Tweets Of The Week'!

The Bryson List

Brooks has got to be number one here, right?

That Grip

Never seen someone choke down on a club that much. Winged Foot, baby!

6 (SIX) Putt

Danny Lee channeled his inner club pro moves on the 18th on Saturday.

Elvis Lives

Beautiful hip move from Matt Wolff!

Poor Phil

This is a reaction I can definitely relate to on the course.

Sabbatini's (lack of) Creativity

This is when you need the course to swallow you up.

Faldo's KO

That's how you deal with twitter trolls.

Tending The Flag Disaster

It was a bold move. It did not pay off.

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