Golf Tweets Of The Week (Volume 4)

On Monday, Dustin Johnson took home $15 million after winning the FedEx Cup for the first time to end the 2019/20 PGA Tour season. (Our off-season lasts three days!)

In an eventful week, here are some of the good, the bad and the ugly from the world of golf across social media from the last seven days in GolfHound's 'Tweets Of The Week'!

Rory Is One Of Us

Where were you when Rory hit his worst golf shot of all time?

Tour Championship 'Artist'

Spot your favorite player (It's no easy task, especially if you like Webb!)

Phil Thanks Tiger

Tweeted after 10pm. Odds on that Phil was two or three glasses of red deep!

Golf Daredevil/Lunatic

I suppose if you've got a good round going then it makes it ok!?

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I had a good round going... 🤷‍♂️

A post shared by David Beall (@beall_sid) on

Tony Finau's Fan

Always nice to have the support of the wife!

Golf's Songstar

Another great tune from golf's songstar dedicated to last week's FedEx Cup.

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