Golf Tweets Of The Week (Volume 2)

An eventful week on the PGA Tour which saw Dustin Johnson bring TPC Boston to its knees as he finished on a remarkable 30-under par! But there was plenty more going on in the golfing world than just that...

Here are some of the good, the bad and the ugly from the world of golf across social media from the last seven days in GolfHound's 'Tweets Of The Week'!

"Sound Travels"

Bryson DeChambeau is continuing to build his brand, this time he's not happy about hearing ANY sound on the golf course.

Coolest Hole In One Ever?

Four-years-old and doing this on the golf course. The stunned reactions are absolutely priceless!

Oh Rory

This shot needs to be explained.

Perfect Response

His form has dipped on the course, but the Ulsterman is as sharp as ever with the media!

3-0 Bases Loaded

In a week where 3-0 has gained traction everywhere, the PGA Tour's Twitter admin may be looking for a raise after this perfect tweet.

Charlie Is Coming

Back-to-back wins for Tiger's son. It's happening!

Weekend Money Games

World Number 59 is looking for some weekend money games going forward. Anyone willing to take him on!?

Improving Her Lie?

Lexi Thompson and the rules continue to not get along.

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