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GolfHound curates news, products and more using good old fashioned human intelligence.  The Top 3 Reads is our digital offering and was our very first project.  Four years later it's still going strong sending to a golf obsessed audience 260 times a year.

The goal of this offering is to build relationships with our digital audience using a variety of assets that focus on both reach and frequency.

Let me know if I can assist with any questions or if you have interest in learning about the next step.

Dave Macpherson, Founder

About the digital audience

  • 98% male
  • 25+ rounds played annually
  • Average age 47HHI >$110k
  • On average, they will play 26 rounds of golf this year
  • On average, they will spend $3,100 on their game this year
  • On average, they will read 79 issues of the newsletter this year

About the Top 3 Reads newsletter

  • Readership size is 50,000
  • Average open rate is 19.7%  
  • Click thru rate is 4.7%
  • Sends every Monday - Friday // 260 sends per year

Components of the Partner Program

Partners receive a mix of five program elements (content distribution //  daily newsletter footer link //  "May We Suggest" product feature  // Gift Guide inclusion  //  dedicated email

Dedicated Email  

  • Sent to all 50,000 newsletter subscribers
  • You provide custom/exclusive html
  • Flexible on send date
  • One (1) total send

Value: 10,00 projected email opens @ $100 cpm = $1,000

May We Suggest Feature

  • Product feature sits just below the day's three articles
  • Allows for headline, sub text, hero image and outbound link
  • One (1) feature per month for twelve months

Value: 125,000 projected impressions @ $10 cpm = $1,300

Content Distribution

  • Your blog content promoted natively within the day's Top 3 articles
  • Link direct to your site or to a publishers content piece about your brand
  • One (1) content feature per quarter

Value: 40,000 projected impressions @ $25 cpm = $1,100

  • Text based branding that links out to URL of choice
  • Listed in EVERY 2021 newsletter // 260 issues
  • Footer will also host items like trivia answers to encourage views
  • up to 12 brands share this space

Value: 2.6 million projected impressions/opens @ $5 cpm = $13,000 total cost / 12 brands = $1,100

Gift Guide

  • Similar to May We Suggest in terms product positiong but sent via dedicated message
  • Two (2) total guides sent to entire audience (Father's Day + Holiday)

Value: 25,000 projected email opens @ $100 cpm / 12 brands (shared ad placement) = $250

Investment + Terms

Total annual investment

Total Program Value: $4,750
Your Investment: $4,000

Term Options

  • Program can be paid in full or in four quarterly payments of $1,000.  
  • If paid in full by 10/30/2020, the partner will receive an additional dedicated email at no cost that can be used at anytime after the date payment is received.

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