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Hope all is well and thank you for considering GolfHound.

GolfHound curates all things golf across multiple channels.  The Top 3 Reads is our digital offering and was our first project.  Four years later it's still going strong sending to a golf obsessed audience 260 times a year.

In 2019, we added a second channel with the launch of our TV stream that runs inside resort and public golf course clubhouses.  Think ChiveTV for golf.

2021 will see the launch of a weekly "best of thew week" radio show that will curate audio from multiple golf specific podcast contributors.

We only work with a single sponsor each year.

The goal is help our audience build a relationship with your brand, via messaging across all of channels and with high frequency.

Let me know if I can assist with any questions or if you have interest in learning about the next step.

Dave Macpherson, Founder

About the audience

  • 92% male
  • 25+ rounds played annually
  • Average age 47
  • HHI >$110k
  • On average, they will spend $3,100 on their game this year
  • On average, they will read 79 issues of the newsletter this year
  • 60% are dog owners
  • Email newsletter reaches 50,000 every Monday - Friday. Open rate above 15%
  • TV channel reaches 2 million a year, during business hours at partner clubs
  • Radio to air one hour every Saturday morning in 6 key markets

Sponsorship Components


  • Logo and tagline branding (with outbound URL) within the masthead of every 2021 issue.
  • Six (6) dedicated emails send to the entire audience


  • 90 second commerical currently posted on the Halo site (or any future video) shown twice per hour.


  • Two (2) 30 second commerical spots during every show

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